Reading is at the heart of learning at Wood Field Primary School, we strongly believe that becoming a successful reader allows pupils to flourish in all areas of the curriculum.

From the start of their school journey with us, children are immersed in vocabulary rich environments where we recognise everyone, children and adults, are readers. 

In EYFS and Key Stage 1, children participate in daily Little Wandle phonics sessions, in addition to high quality teaching in both English and reading lessons. Through engaging texts linked to our learning themes, children become increasingly confident in using the written word and identifying a wide variety of genres. Children will take home reading books from Big Lion scheme which links directly to the Little Wandle phonics scheme.

In Key Stage 2, children engage with a range of high-quality texts linked to their topic and hone their craft as writers, readers and public speakers.

Spelling rules are taught explicitly and children are encouraged to investigate language. Writing has a clear purpose and audience, therefore handwriting and presentation is highly valued.

Through exposure to vocabulary, the teaching of grammar skills and whole school celebrations, we aspire to equip every child with the English skills to forge a path to success as they continue their learning journey.

At Wood Field Primary School we want to encourage all of our children to have a love of reading the following links are recommend reading lists for all year groups. 

EYFS: 100 Picture Books to read before you're 5

Year 1: Suggested reading list for Year 1 children - age 5- 6 years old

Year 2: Suggested reading list for Year 2 children -  age 6-7 years old

Year 3: Suggested reading list for Year 3 children -  age 7-8 years old

Year 4: Suggested reading list for Year 4 children  - age 8-9 years old

Year 5Suggested reading list for Year 5 children - age-9-10 years old

Year 6: Suggested reading list for Year 6 children - age 10-11 years old

Useful websites

Primary Homework Help | Online Games For Kids - BBC Bitesize

Key stages 1 and 2

Follow the menus to access English tasks for both Key Stages 1 and 2.

There are lots of interactive games, quizzes and video to help support your home learning and reinforce learning covered in school.

Home - authorfy

Key Stage 1 and 2

This website is subscription based but has a fantastic free section.

Click on the ‘Free videos and resources’ link to access author workshops, 10-minute writing challenges and book extracts.

BBC Teach Live Lessons for primary schools - BBC Teach

Key Stage 1 and 2

Within this archive, you will discover a number of lessons, originally offered live by the BBC. Each lesson contains links to any resources required and has a short write up explaining what is covered. Age suitability suggestions are also made.

Jane Considine's Live English Lessons - YouTube

Year 2 upwards

Over the national lockdowns, author and educator, Jane Considine has offered live writing lessons to support primary aged children. This link will display the available lessons so you can choose a series of lessons that inspire you. Please note, most lessons are delivered as a series of 5 around the same text or video clip.

All Write Now! - YouTube

Year 5 and 6

This link will take you to the All Write Now live sessions, author Frank Cottrell-Boyce has offered over the last lockdown. Frank has a very funny style and is sure to inspire you to get writing in these short videos.

Sir Linkalot - YouTube

Year 3 and upwards

Sir Linkalot is lively character who loves spelling and grammar. Search through his videos to learn different tricks and methods to improve your spelling and word understanding. He also offers his expertise in grammar.

Have some fun | BookTrust

EYFS, key stage 1 and 2.

In the ‘Home Time’ section of the Book Trust website, there are daily story time videos and a range of book themed activities to inspire young minds.