At Wood Field Primary School, we employ an enquiry-based approach to history which promotes creative learning through a curriculum aimed at stimulating the child's interest of a range of historical periods and key figures from the past. Children engage with history learning as soon as they start school by reflecting on their own experiences and memories, using language such as then and now. When they reach Year 1, children begin to learn more about people and events that exist within living memory and beyond, and start to develop a better understanding about the wider world and its history. Through our topic based learning, children investigate world events, such as The Great Fire of London and significant historical figures, for example Florence Nightingale and Henry VIII. In Key Stage 2, children develop key skills, such as questioning and critical thinking, as well as build on their knowledge of timelines and historical events which have shaped the world we live in today.  Periods of history learnt through our topics include the Anglo-Saxon period, Vikings and the Roman Empire.  

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