The aim of geography at Wood Field Primary School is to nurture children's curiosity about the world around them.  As part of an engaging curriculum, geography helps children understand their environment and its effects on the world, and provides them with the skills to enquire, observe and record what they have found.  In the Foundation Stage, children experience geography by exploring and discussing the features of their environment. This is developed in Key Stage 1 when they begin to learn about the human and physical (natural) features that occur in the local area, using geographical language, such as beach, city, coast and forest.  Children develop key skills in map and compass reading through the study of the local geography. At this stage in their learning, children will develop their understanding of the world on a larger, as well as small, scale by comparing places from around the world to where they live. In Key Stage 2, children build on their knowledge of the continents and cities within the UK using globes and atlases. They will develop their field work skills through methods such as aerial plans and graphs to help deepen their understanding of the geographical features of UK and the wider world.

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