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Wood Field Primary School

Our School

Wood Field Primary School is a very happy school in which children feel secure and confident. Children are encouraged to develop positive attitudes towards learning and to achieve high standards in all that they do. 

Is Wood Field Primary School a new school? 

Yes and no! Wood Field Primary School as a legal entity was created in September 2022 following the separation of the school sites formally known as Bandon Hill Wood Field and Bandon Hill Meadow Field (Which together were known as Bandon Hill Primary School).
However, other than a new name and some associated uniform changes, Wood Field Primary School is very much a well established and successful school serving the Carshalton and Wallington communities. 

Why did the two Bandon Hill sites formally separate? 

Wood Field Primary School and Bandon Hill Primary School became two separate schools following extensive work by senior leaders, school governors and the Greenshaw Learning Trust focused on what was best for the school pupils. Parents and staff were fully consulted and a decision to formally separate the sites was agreed. 
The separation has been welcomed and is hugely exciting and is a positive development for Wood Field Primary School and its children. The separation was not triggered for any negative reason, such as Ofsted findings. 

What is the vision of Wood Field Primary School? 

At Wood Field Primary School our strapline is 'We are limitless'
Our aim, for all our children, is to ensure they leave primary school knowing they can achieve whatever they want to. Part of our focus at Wood Field Primary School is to give all our children the skills to be independent learners who are always ready for the next challenge. 
The school’s highly dedicated teachers work hard to ensure they offer calm and safe learning environments, where children feel able to push themselves and achieve new things every day. Our classrooms are bright and filled with high quality displays and resources to support learning. We want our children to have exciting learning experiences with lessons that fully engage all learners.
The lessons taught at Wood Field Primary School are active and children are equal participants and leaders in their learning.We recognise that every child is unique and we celebrate each of our positive differences.