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Wood Field Primary School

Forest School

Whether it's watching blue, rolling waves crash against the sandy shore or hearing birds chirping in a green, luscious forest, there is something so remarkable and beautiful about being immersed in nature. It’s easy to be swept away with today’s technology and fast-paced living, but no matter where you are, nature always has a way of bringing peace to the mind and grounding a person.

At Wood Field Primary School, we recognise this importance of nature and the outdoors to children’s wellbeing, emotions and self esteem and are so excited to provide just a little of this nature immersion in our very own Forest School.  

The Theory and Ethos

‘Forest School is an inspirational process that offers ALL learners regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in a woodland or natural environment.’ (Forest School Association)

The aim for our Forest School is to holistically develop a sense of ownership, creativity and independence in the children’s learning. With plans for a beautiful, nurturing natural environment at Wood Field Forest School, there will be so many more opportunities for the children to enhance their learning and development.

Click here to find how our Forest School provision supports our Wood Field Drivers and Pupil Qualities.

The Fun Bits

Forest School will provide a wide range of exciting activities and different skills including:

  • Exploring nature e.g. scavenger hunts, minibeast hunts, pond dipping, leaf collecting, bird watching and growing activities
  • Creative arts e.g. making magic wands, headdresses, weaving, natural object collage and woodland jewellery
  • Survival Skills e.g. making fires, cooking and building shelters
  • Role play e.g. theatre shows, perfume shop,
  • Construction e.g. sawing, joining, ropework

In some sessions the children may be led by adults to practise different skills or complete tasks, whereas in other sessions a more child-led approach can be taken where the children explore the area in their own creative ways.

Our Forest School installation was completed in March 2023. Below are photos of the exciting development as it happened.

Week 1

Week 2