Mental health and wellbeing

Wood Field is continuing to build links with parents with relation to the mental health and wellbeing of our pupils. We are fortunate enough to work with the Sutton Children’s Wellbeing Service who provides support and advice to parents of children who are experiencing mild to moderate anxiety or common behavioural difficulties. More information can be found in this document. You will also find information about the referral process here. If you wish to refer your child, you can do so using this form. There is also a You Tube channel where you can find more supportive ideas - Children & Young People’s Wellbeing Service - YouTube

Parent workshops are organised throughout the year, often run by wellbeing practitioners and health professionals to ensure reliable information and advice is available. Previously, Wood Field has run many invaluable workshops, including child anxiety, resilience and emotional regulation. Our school newsletter continues to advertise local workshops and courses available for parents, including those with children who experience behavioural difficulties or have Special educational needs & disabilities.  Please do keep an eye out any upcoming Parent workshops/courses in our newsletters!


Navigating parenting can be challenging. There are many online resources available to help parents with day to day questions and advice:

Support for parents | NSPCC

Parenting support | Action For Children

Advice for parents - NHS (

Barnardo's Family Space | Barnardo's Family Space (


There are also a number of services available locally, who offer parenting support: 

Support for Parents & Carers (

Free online courses for parents - Sutton Council

Sutton Tweedale Parenting Programme and Support Offer

National Sleep Helpline


Parenting can be tough and impact on wellbeing. There are services available across Sutton for adults struggling with their mental health:

Sutton Uplift - Wellbeing, Talking Therapies and Primary Care

Sutton Men in Sheds | Sutton Information Hub

Men's Walking Club | Sutton Information Hub


Our Mental Health, Wellbeing and RSE policy can be found here