At Wood Field Primary School, we want our pupils to grow into respectful and all-round individuals, be able to articulate beliefs and have the confidence in expressing their own opinions. This will be achieved by exploring different views, developing understanding with open mindedness, and progressively strengthening their knowledge throughout the years.

We celebrate and analyse a range of faiths and beliefs by taking part in a whole Religious Education (RE) day every half term. This is an opportunity for the children to focus on a different religion where they can develop their understanding and analytical skills using a wide range of appropriate and creative methods, including drama, art, music, movement, competitions and exploring artefacts.

As well as this, each week the whole school focus on a particular quote, which is inclusive for all children. Children will explore these weekly quotes during their daily worship time in class and discussions will be promoted around the meaning of the quote and how this can impact and be applied into their daily lives.

The curriculum we use at Wood fIeld is based on the Discovery RE syllabus, which adopts an enquiry-based approach to teaching and learning. Through the enquiry-based approach, children not only learn knowledge but critically develop an understanding of the world of religion and how beliefs impact on daily lives. To motivate and engage the children, we introduce competitions that will develop their knowledge and faith according to their own beliefs and the beliefs of others.

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